Access Control System

Access control is a system used to determine a person right to enter and exit determined areas to prevent damage from third parties or employee. You can check who-where-when he/she enters or exits an area.
Our experienced engineers provide access control system design with high quality products to meet your needs and requirement.

Limit the access

By limiting the access rights to only selected people, we will provide a higher security level for that area. For example, limit the access to only selected employees, which can protect the company from outsiders’ malicious acts.

Prevent crimes from internal employee

Crime such as theft can be caused by either outsiders or insiders (such as employees). Limiting the rights of employees can greatly reduce the risk of theft or damage. For example, restricting the rights of access to the server room to only managers.

Connect with CCTV

Access control can be connected with CCTV for greater security. You can record the entrant or the suspicious person who tried to break into the area.

Time attendance

Not only control access, you can also connect it to Human Resource payroll system recording employees working time and making HR work easier and more efficient.

Type of equipment

Key Card

This is a very simple system. When you tap your authorized keycard onto the reader, you are granted access to a certain area. You can add or delete users and determine which doors can be accessed only by certain keycards etc.

Body Verification

Such as fingerprint, face or even finger veins provide you with very high security, because, no matter if it’s a finger print or a face, it can’t be copied or stolen. Also, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keycard.