The world is rapidly changing, and security have become grave concerns for many of us as dangers come in various forms. It is therefore imperative that all of us should rethink about our safety precautions and shift our mindset to upgrade to more advanced integrated security system that can provide a complete confidence in protecting us from the dangers that may occur.

SECOM is the complete security service provider that protects you 24 hours via the network of experts, thereby elevate your business safety and family’s peace of mind.
Elevate your safety to the next level with SECOM, providing improved safety and more flexibility to your life and business.

Confirmation from a real customer

These are interviews of business owners and home owners who are real customers with real experiences with SECOM.
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Type of SECOM Services

SECOM Smart Security – Home

Elevate safety for your home and your loved ones with a security system that provides a better protection than just a CCTV.

Add more protection with additional devices and 24 hours monitoring service by a professional team, bringing more peace of mind for you and your family.

SECOM Smart Security – Business

Elevate safety for your offices, shops, commercial property and warehouse etc. with a security system that you can feel more confident than a CCTV.

Add more protection with additional devices and 24 hours monitoring service by a professional team, including Smart Business Report service to elevate both your confidence and convenience when running your business.

SECOM Complete Professional Security System

SECOM team is well-trained and ready to notify promptly when any incident happens.
They handle every situation quickly and efficiently to provide customers with complete confidence.


SECOM Japan was founded in 1962 and started to provide security service in Japan since then. The name 'SECOM' comes from 'Security + Communication' to communicate the new way of security system that integrates human professional service with science.

SECOM has been committed to public well-being including providing peace of mind and safety for the society at large since then.
In 2 years after the company was founded, SECOM had been selected to provide security for Olympic village in Japan for Olympic Games in 1964.

This led to a TV drama called 'The Guardman' that brought success and good reputation to SECOM, and also helped create mass awareness for the brand. In 1966, SECOM has developed the first online security system in Japan and at the same time has expanded its network and services nationwide.

SECOM has been growing so rapidly so that it has been recognized as No. 1 security system and the most popular brand in Japan for all these years.

SECOM has expanded internationally to 17 countries namely Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Phillipines, India, Turkey, England, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and USA.

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Confidence from customers in Thailand

THAI SECOM SECURITY Company Limited is a joint venture between SECOM Japan and a subsidiary company of Saha Pathanapibul PLC.

With a vision and belief in providing 'peace of mind and complete safety' for Thai society as well as an aim to be the key driver to help elevate all Thais to feel secured and have peace of mind.

Thai customers have placed high trust and confidence in our professional security system which result in a high number of subscribers.

Professional Training

SECOM training program follows the high standard and philosophy of Japanese way of training in continuously providing knowledge, vigorous training and skills development.

All professional team have to attend periodically training and testing to maintain and optimize their potential.

SECOM Global Business

SECOM was founded in 1962 and has been No. 1 security system in Japan ever since with a network in 17 countries worldwide.






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