CCTV Camera

Secom provides high quality CCTVs that meet international standards. The camera can record high-resolution video with high capacity hard disk that allows video to be able to be recorded for a long time.

We have various kinds of camera and we will provide the most suitable camera depending on your needs (e.g. budget, resolution, video management system such as face recognition, motion detection, line crossing detection etc.) and your premises physical environment (e.g. your premises structure, location, possibility threat etc.) for the most effective security system.


Analog camera

Analog camera system uniqueness is connecting transmission cables from each camera to the recorder. The equipment price is cheaper than IP camera, but the downsides are: limited distance of signal transmission, signal is often disturbed and the system can deteriorate if used for a long time.

IP Camera

Each IP camera has its own IP Address, it can be connected to the internet at long range. Currently, IP camera is popular among security provider because of its good quality, has many useful functions, it is easy to scale the system and can be used for a long period.

Lens Fix / Lens Varifocal

Mostly, lens of CCTV is divided into 2 types. Fixed lens and varifocal lens. Fixed lens have a fixed distance and focal length and it cannot be adjusted. Suitable for capturing the overview of the area. The price is lower than varifocal lens. Varifocal lens can be adjusted according to the distance and to the focal length, allowing you to zoom into an object. The price is higher than fixed lens.


360°Camera allows you to record everything with a 360 degree panoramic view. It can decrease traditional camera’s blind spots and reduce the cost of installing multiple cameras.

PTZ Camera

PTZ camera, or pan tilt zoom camera, is a camera that is capable of remote directional controls and zoom control. With PTZ camera, you can monitor a wide area with only one camera.