Alarm System

Secom offers integrated security services for your peace of mind by incorporating a combination of “security alarm system” and “Secom emergency response personnel (Security Engineer)”. Round-the-clock remote monitoring and supervision from Secom control center.

Prevent damages

Offers 24-hours monitoring service and when your alarm is set off, Secom will dispatch Security Engineers to the premises.

Prevent Internal Crime

Internal crime caused by employees maybe difficult to deal with. Through Secom Alarm System, we will make your office more secure. Systems are equipped with infrared sensors that can detect an employee’s intrusion even at night.

Comprehensive Security

Besides crime prevention, Alarm System can be connected to your own existing systems including fire alarm. It will detect if there is an abnormality on your system including when there is fire at your premise. When Secom control center receives a signal from your alarm, Secom will dispatch Security Engineers to your premises and contract the local Fire or Police Station.

Emergency response personnel

24-hour Protection

Even at night or during holidays, if sensors detect any abnormalities, the signal will be sent to Secom control center and then we will dispatch a Security Engineers to inspect your premise.

Fast and flexible

With our deep experience in dealing with emergencies, every time Secom receives a signal from an alarm, Secom will dispatch Security Engineers to your premises and contract the local Police or Fire Station depending on the type of emergency for your security and peace of mind.

Alarm System Equipment List


Utilized in order to operate and stop the system through SECOM’s Tag which offers convenience and comfort.

Secom’s tag

A contactless tag, similar to the key used to arm or disarm SECOM’s security system.

Passive Infrared Sensor

Detect human-being’s heat

Strobe Light

Installed outside building external layer. When it detects abnormality, the strobe light will blink for notification.

Magnet Sensor

Installed at windows or doors (inside) in order to detect opening / closing. (Waterproof)

Shutter Sensor

Detect opening / closing of a rolling shutter.

Panic Button

Press the button when facing any crisis and the signal will be sent to SECOM immediately.

Safe Vibration Sensor

Installed at a safe’s door panel in order to detect impact and any opening / closing